Working capital loan
Loan services with flexible and favorable conditions for fully meeting the financial needs required for the expansion of business activities.
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Investment Loan
Investment loan services required for the purchase of fixed assets, construction and expansion of buildings, technology and equipment for the expansion of business activities.
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Gold collateral loan
A loan service to solve your financial needs by circulating your physical gold without selling it.
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Credit line
Credit line services with no size limit, long term and favorable interest rates in line with your business activities.
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Financial lease
Movable property and machinery
Property loan
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Loan for NBFIs
Credit service to finance working capital sources needed to increase the profitability of NBFIs business operations and increase its products and services.
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Trade credit line
A service for our customers who are business owners to get long-term credit lines with flexible interest rates depending on the scale of their business.
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Gold program on-lending
We offer credit services designed to introduce advanced techniques, technologies, and management in gold mining and processing operations, protect the environment, and increase returns from gold production to the economy.
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Small and medium business loans
Small and Medium Business loan-Repo /Export/
Small and Medium Business loan-Repo
Job support loan
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