Governance policy

TransBank is implementing the principles of proper governance in all levels of operations.Respecting the rights and legitimacy of participants in banking governance, the Bank’s aim of proper governance is to make sure the bank’s efficiency through improving bank assets, creating jobs, maintaining financial stability and profitability.

The bank’s corporate governance management systems prescribe a development of bank transparency, and sustainable operations with guidance and required control structure. Our management system needs to be implemented in a way consistent with the interests of the various stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, executives and staff members, and other stakeholders. In doing so, it will enable the Bank to improve the performance of the bank and to secure the required resources and to use resources effectively and efficiently.

In recent years, corporate governance has been increasingly focused on the international community. The main reason for this attraction is that large professional investors or institutional investors in the market are requiring more in demand for proper corporate governance. Therefore, it is imperative to start open, more transparent policies through the growth strategy. We will be working for it.

If there was a conflict of interest in the bank’s Board or the executive management of the Bank, the executive management and shareholders will to be able to handle the situation and prevent a conflict of interest to make sure the bank’s normal operations and goals are not affected.Therefore, the board should be capable of overseeing the executive management, as well as the executive management team, which is operated under the strategy approved by the board, but does not involve any members of the Board for daily business, providing the potential to avoid conflicts of interest.