Transport and Development Bank JSC implements Environmental and Social (E&S) policy in its internal operations, and provides evaluations regarding the environmental and social impacts of its borrowers’ businesses. The Bank further supports its customers’ business activities in improving their environmental and social practices, beyond mitigating the environmental and social impacts of borrowers, by providing financial resources to support sustainable business operations and financial stability.

The Bank operates within the framework of the 8 principles of the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Program (ToC), implements integrated approaches to relevant activities, implementing them in stages and facilitating the implementation of related programs in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the policy. These principles serve as a control mechanism in the Bank’s business and internal operations.

The Bank conducts the environmental and social impact assessments of the borrowers and incorporates these considerations into its loan approval decision-making process. Loan applications are evaluated based on their environmental and social  risk factors. The Bank does not provide financing for activities that are in the'Excluded Activities” and'Precautionary Activities“ as outlined in the Sustainable Finance Program of Mongolia.

The Bank operates in accordance with laws, regulations, and other relevant legal provisions concerning environmental protection and public policy in Mongolia. In addition to complying with domestic laws, the Bank also adheres to international agreements and protocols through bilateral and multilateral agreements. It implements its own policies and guidelines to ensure compliance with the environmental and social standards in its operations and financial activities. These policies and guidelines include:

  • IFC 8 Performance Standards;
  • 8 principles of the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Program (ToC);
  • Green Investment Principles for the Belt and Road Initiative.

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This loan is for TransBank’s POS merchant individuals and business entities with no requirements of fixed collateral.