Brief introduction of the bank

One of Mongolia’s oldest commercial banks, which operates under the motto'Your Financial Partner to Accelerate Development”, was founded in 1997 and has been providing financial services in a professional, reliable and fast manner for the past 26 years. We will always be an innovator in our industry and a reliable financial partner bank that shared values.

The Transport and Development Bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Mongolia, with a total of 8 branches and units, providing banking and financial services to more than 8,000 customers. The Bank has continuously complied with all the requirements imposed by the regulators and is constantly improving its service quality, and expanding its operations.

In 2021, the first banks in the Mongolian banking system, the Transport Development Bank and Credit Banks, initiated a plan to transform the bank into a closed joint stock company in accordance with the Banking Law. , the two banks merged to improve the quality of service. At the same time, the Transport and Development Bank submitted its plans to become a joint stock company to the Bank of Mongolia and the Financial Regulatory Commission on January 29, 2021, in accordance with the amendments to the Banking Law. The Bank of Mongolia concluded that the Transport and Development Bank’s plan was feasible and that the bank’s plan to become a joint stock company was implemented.

Our mission

We will deliver advanced and comprehensive financial solutions through customer-centric services to our customers based on the approach of providing responsible financing and good governance services integrated with sustainable development through a team of professional experts.

Our vision

To become a world-class bank pioneering development and creating value with its customers.

Our slogan

Your financial partner to accelerate the development.


By providing a comprehensive and satisfying financial service based on the needs of our customers, we will exceed their expectations, thereby increasing their financial ability and confidence and increasing their value.  


We will create the most favorable working environment for employees, support them in every possible way, and provide opportunities for their development by implementing a human resources policy that will provide our employees with satisfaction, stability and high productivity.

Social responsibility:

By developing a competitive business organization, we will work hard to build the well-being of the environment, the environment and our people.


We will increase the wealth of our shareholders by upholding our mission and values and guiding our operations.

Business strategy

We are expanding our operations in the following 7 areas in order to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with a comprehensive and satisfying financial service based on their needs, and to increase their financial ability, value and confidence in the Bank. These include:

  • Private bank
  • China cooperation
  • Industry and Mining
  • Export and Import trading (Foreign trade)
  • Private-Public partnership
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • New project
Bank's history and highlights

The Bank went through 100% shareholder changes and has become fully owned by Mongolian shareholders.