We will offer and cooperate with you in all aspects of professional services to increase the scope of your company’s activities, expand to the global market, help you reach the next stage of development, and raise funds by issuing securities in the foreign and domestic capital markets.

Our team is always open to providing professional advice on your wishes and goals and will be a pleasure to work with.

  1. With professional investment analysts
  2. Experienced in raising capital in international and Mongolian markets
  3. Long-term and reliable cooperation and partnership
  4. Receive the latest news on the stock market
Types of services
  1. Initial public offering of securities
  2. Offering securities in a closed environment /Over-the-counter market/
  3. Issuance of additional shares
  4. Issuance of capital-backed securities
History of providing underwriting services

2020.05: Worked as a co-underwriter in the initial public offering (IPO) of Bodi Insurance JSC.