Car purchase loan
We offer you a loan service to get the car you want with a down payment and bank financing.
  • No requirement of additional collateral
  • Prompt solution in short period of time.
Terms and conditions


Car loan New Car

Used car

Loan amount

Up to MNT 300 million

Up to MNT 100 million

Loan amount is determined based on the fact that the monthly payment is no more than 60% of client’s total income. In case client has outstanding loans in other banks, NBFIs, to enterprises or individuals, the monthly payment takes into account the other outstanding loans.

Loan term

Up to 30 months

Interest rate /monthly/

1.6% – 2.0%

Interest rate /annual/

19.2% – 24.0%

Service fee

1% of the loan amount /maximum MNT 1,500,000/

Penalty interest rate

Penalty interest rate /equivalent to 20% of base interest rate/ is added to the base interest rate


Purchased vehicle as a collateral

Down payment

Up to 10%

Up to 30%

Bank fee from vehicle supplier

1% of the loan amount and it’s regulated through “Contractual agreement”

Loan application fee

MNT 10,000


The purchase must be made from suppliers in contractual agreement with Bank

Credit recording enquiry fee /during loan analysis procedure/

Individual – MNT 1,000

Corporate – MNT 1,000

* Effective percentage rate /annual/: 20.90%-25.75%

  • The borrower must be employed by the employer for at least 6 months or have consistently run a business for at least 1 year;
  • Up to 60% of after-tax income of the borrower must be sufficient for the monthly payment;
  • The borrower must not have an outstanding or overdue loans at another bank or NBFI.
Eligibility or required documents
  • Loan Application / Bank’s application /, 1 passport-sized photo, ID card and its copy;
  • Statement of residence;
  • Proof of income source documents and account statements;
  • Related certificates for purchasing vehicle and invoice of purchasing vehicle from supplier;
  • Other documents required by Bank (on a case by case basis).