Account service in ‘Gold’ denomination
An account service for individuals whose main business activities are engaged in gold production or gold mining and have acquired the license from the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (FRC). Choosing our current account service for precious metals such as Gold (XAU) will help our customers deposit their physical gold safely in a bank preventing them from potential exchange rate risk and to address the security risk of physical gold.
  • Deposit physical Gold as a bar by a floating valuation of XAU denomination
  • Safe and risk-free
  • Does not charge any withdrawal or transaction fees
Terms and conditions

Terms for gold current account (XAU)

Account currency

XAU- Gold /Oz/

Interest rate /annual/

 In face of the global pandemic COVID-19, no interest will be paid for any type of current accounts, during the implementation of the “Law on Prevention, Control and Reduction of Social and Economic Impact of Coronavirus”.

Minimum balance requirement


Fees and charges

The account does not charge any withdrawal or transaction fees.

Eligibility or required documents
  • Customer application form /download here/;
  • An original copy of the “Trading permit” issued by the The Financial regulatory commission /FRC/;
  • Documents required:
    • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen ID card.
    • For foreign citizens: Certificate of Alien Registration Card and Passport Copy.