Safe deposit box service
A service dedicated to customers who are willing to store their physical valuables, such as documents, jewelry, cash and many other items that are considered highly valuable to you. Items can be kept and stored in special boxes under protection from external influences. Only the owner of the box will be allowed to come in person and open the ‘deposit box’.
  • The most convenient and safe method for keeping your items;
  • Protected from all types of external influences;
  • Only the owner of the box has rights to open and to know what’s inside;
  • Own as many boxes you want;
  • Boxes are also available to be entrusted to one or more other owners at your discretion.
Fees and charges for the boxes

Notice: Prohibited items for safety deposit boxes include explosives, chemicals harmful for the environment, flammable and volatile items, weapons and firearms.

Varieties of box size selection


Period for using ‘Deposit box’

1-15 days

16-30 days 31-90 days

91 or above

Daily fee


56*30*52 cm

700 MNT

650 MNT 550 MNT

500 MNT


56*30*22 cm

500 MNT

400 MNT 350 MNT

300 MNT


56*30*11 cm

450 MNT

350 MNT 300 MNT

250 MNT

Eligibility or required documents
  • Customer application form /download here/;
  • Documents required:
    • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen’s ID card;
    • For Foreign citizens: Passport and Certificate of Alien Registration.