Account Statements and Enquiries
1. Enquire regarding current, savings and loan account balance statements; 2. Providing ‘Reference letters’ at the customer\'s request; 3. Special enquiries for dedicated reference letters; 4. Error correction for transactions and transfers caused by the customer\'s error; 5. Making copy of documents and enquiries from the bank’s archive.
Fees and charges

Available service fees

Fees and charges

Account statements /Per 1 sheet/

100 MNT

Reference letters:

Reference letter in Mongolian

4,000 MNT

Reference letter in English

Providing dedicates reference letters at the customer’s request

15,000 MNT

Providing reference letters for accounts are new, opened less than 14 days since opening an account or added new account co-holder

30,000 MNT

Additional copy of the reference letter /per copy/

1,000 MNT

Reference letters regarding loan accounts or loan 

30,000 MNT

Recover income, expenses and non-cash receipts from program, if lost

300 MNT

Making hard copy of documents and inquiries from bank’s archive /per page/

3,000 MNT /within 1 year/

5,000 MNT /within 1-3 years/

10,000 MNT /above 3 years/

Correction transaction from the customer’s fault caused by the customer’s error

500 MNT

Daily statements

No fee

Savings book

No fee

Issue bank cash cheque /Only for corporate and business account customers/

Per cheque

200 MNT

Bank cheque book /with 25 pages/

4,000 MNT

Authorized Signature Form

No fee

Cash withdrawals and income form

Account open request form

Account balance form of payment


Eligibility or required documents
  • Documents required:
      • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen’s ID card;
      • For Foreign citizens: Passport and Certificate of Alien Registration.