TransBank application
Daily banking services to save your precious time. The application allows you to access all types of banking services regardless of place and time.
  • Fingerprint/Face ID login
  • Supports Dark mode theme
  • Makes all types of transactions easily by using our application
  • No enrollment/annual fee.
Account • Check account information and statement
• Open a new current account
• Open a new demand and term deposit
• Account authorization settings and state changes
• Get bank reference letter
Transaction • Transactions between own accounts
• Transactions between TransBank accounts
• Interbank transactions
• SWIFT transactions
• Loan and credit card payment
• Transaction template
• Ticket request
• Corporate gateway
Payment • Bill payment
• Qpay payment
• Public service payment
Loan • Check loan balance and graphic
• Deposit backed loan
Card • Order new card
• Change card state
• Change e-pin code
• Change primary account
• Check card statement
Other • Update your registered phone number and e-mail address
• Change your username and password
Service type Individual Corporate
MNT Other currency MNT Other currency
Transaction Within TransBank 100 mnt Equivalent to 200 mnt 100 mnt Equivalent to 200 mnt
Interbank /up to 5,000,000/ 200 mnt Equivalent to 1500 mnt 200 mnt Equivalent to 1500 mnt
Interbank /above 5,000,000/ 500 mnt 500 mnt
Registration documents

Please visit the nearest branch of TransBank to enroll.


  1. ID card or foreign passport,


  1. Offical request
  2. ID card or foreign passport of authorized officer.