Working capital loan
We offer working capital loans on flexible and favorable terms to entrepreneurs, business entities and customers who want to increase their operating income and profitability, also improve the quality of their products and services, expand their range, and fully meet their financial needs.
Terms and conditions

Working capital loan




Maximum amount of the loan is determined based on range of operations, capital and financial capacity of the client’s business. The Bank provides a loan amount equals no more than 80% of the client’s total working capital.

Interest rate /monthly/

2.00%-1.60% 1.50%-1.10% 1.20%-0.85% 1.20%-0.85%


Interest rate /annually/

24.00%-19.20% 18.00%-13.20% 14.40%-10.20% 14.40%-10.20%



Up to 36 months

Service fee 

1% of the loan amount /maximum MNT 1,500,000/

0.5% of the loan amount /maximum USD 1,500 or amount equivalent to EUR, CNY, JPY

Penalty interest rate

Penalty interest rate /equivalent to 20% of base interest rate/ is added to the base interest rate

Fee for changing the original loan terms


Grace period

Up to 12 months

Loan application fee 

MNT 30,000

Credit recording enquiry fee /during loan analysis procedure/

Individual – MNT 1,000

Corporate – MNT 1,000

* Effective percentage rate /annual/: MNT 19.95%-24.77%

  • Evidence of running the business in the last 12 months and continuing to pursue it as a going concern
  • Collateral to satisfy the bank’s requirements (e.g. property deeds, other fixed or moveable assets, etc.)
  • Other requirements from the bank on a case by case basis.
Eligibility or required documents
  • Loan Application / Bank’s application form/ and 1 passport-sized photo
  • A copy of the notarized citizen identification card (applies also to a person when the loan is jointly received). The loan officer checks the original ID card and takes a copy. Otherwise, the loan officer will require a notarized copy.
  • Statement of residence
  • Collateral documents, real estate certificate, reference, land certificate, contract, cadastral map
  • Proof of income source documents and account statements
  • Permissions to operate and lease agreement
  • Proof of loan purpose
  • Proof of tax receipt in case of real estate purchase
  • Other required documents