Smart savings
The “Smart Savings” service allows customers to work without financial burdens. It is an additional fee-free service that allows you to save money on your current income and expenditure transactions.
  • Create savings without financial pressure.
  • Learn the habit of saving.
Terms and conditions
Service Smart savings
Choices   Savings  Income savings Daily savings
Total amount:

–       1,000 MNT

–       2,000 MNT

–       3,000 MNT

–       4,000 MNT

–       5,000 MNT

Savings percent:

– 1.0%          – 6.0%

– 2.0%          – 7.0%

– 3.0%          – 8.0%

– 4.0%          – 9.0%

– 5.0%          -10.0%

Total amount:

–          1,000 MNT

–          2,000 MNT

–          3,000 MNT

–          4,000 MNT

–          5,000 MNT

Description Note for each non-cash (card) purchase and payment transaction, the transaction amount is rounded up to 5,000 and the difference is accumulated in the savings account. Accumulate a fixed percentage of the transaction amount in a savings account for each income transaction other than a loan Accumulate current account balances up to 5,000 and accumulate in savings account at 00.00 every day
Account The customer’s current account can be used, and if the customer does not have a current or savings account, can choose from the products specified  open a new account.
Service fee No fee
Registration Come to the branch of the bank with your documents and register for additional services.
Required documents
  • Customer application form;
  • Documents required:
    • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen’s ID card;
    • For Foreign citizens: Passport and Certificate of Alien Registration.