Gold deposit
Primarily designed for those who are engaged in gold production and mining business. The product’s main objective is to offer a savings account service dedicated to our customer’s physical gold. It will ensure maximum protection in a safest environment. While covering the risk of holding our customer’s physical gold for a certain period, we offer an interest rate for the savings account we are offering.
  • Protection from all types of theft, fraud and gold price change risks;
  • Interest rate will be based on international gold prices and expressed in Troy ounces (OZ)
  • No fees are charged on withdrawals and other transactions from the account.
Terms and conditions

Gold deposit terms

Account currency



1 – 3 months

Annual Interest rate


Interest rate upon early termination of contract /annual/


Minimum deposit

Interest payments

At the end of the contract or maturity

Open account fee


Savings book


Fees and charges
Eligibility or required documents
  • Customer application form /download here/;
  • An original copy and a copy of license from the Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia;
  • Documents required:
    • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen ID card.