Demand deposit
Earn the highest interest income on your demand deposit account. There are five (5) different currencies in which to open your account. In the face of the global pandemic COVID-19, no interest will be paid for any type of demand deposit accounts, during the implementation of the Law on Prevention, Control and Reduction of Social and Economic Impact of Coronavirus.
  • Make withdrawal and deposit transactions at any time;
  • Open your account in 5 major currencies including Mongolian Tugriks (MNT), USD, EUR, CNY and JPY;
  • Access and manage your bank account using our online banking service.
Terms and conditions
Interest rate /annual/ 8.00-10.0%* 1.50% 1.20% 1.20% 1.20%
Effective interest rate /annual/ 8.30-10.471% 1.51% 1.207% 1.207% 1.207%
Interest capitalization Monthly
Minimum deposit requirement 5,000 MNT 5 USD 5 EUR 50 CNY 500 JPY

*Incentive interest is granted depending on the balance for MNT deposits.

Eligibility or required documents
  • Customer application form /download here/;
  • An original copy and a copy of the agreement between the parties;
  • Documents required:
    • For Mongolian citizens: Citizen ID card;
    • For Foreign citizens: Passport and certificate of alien registration.