Demand deposit
Demand deposit product service that offers you the highest interest rate on the market, allowing you to make income and expense transactions whenever you want.
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Term deposit
Regular term deposit
“Golden coin” children's saving
Prepaid interest deposit
Convertible deposit
Term Deposit
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Floating interest deposit
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Exchange rate risk sharing deposit
This savings services to protect you from the risk of the US dollar exchange rate.
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Gold deposit
A dedicated term deposit service for individuals whose main business activities are engaged in gold production or mining etc.
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Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Ever thought of inheriting, transferring, selling, or gifting your rights of owning a deposit like a traded securities.
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Hedge deposit
Want to open a deposit account with high-yields that can be converted to US dollars without worrying about exchange rate risk.
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Smart savings
Customer can connect the savings service to any of the bank’s term deposit accounts (except for “Hedged deposit” and “Foreign currency convertible deposit”) and create savings from income and purchase expenses without creating financial burden.
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Product benefits and incentives
Please visit the read more section for product promotions and benefits.
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